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About Shock Wave Therapy

What is it?

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy ( ESWT) or more simply, Shock Wave Therapy is a safe and noninvasive treatment for many  types of damaged tissues. Common indications include plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, tennis and golfer’s elbow, patellar tendinitis, hip bursitis and some forms of shoulder tendinitis. When used correctly it can be very effective at decreasing and even eliminating the pain from these conditions.

How does it work?

With this technique, multiple shock waves are produced by a shock wave generating device. Each device has a targeting arm that allows the waves to be concentrated, focused, and then applied to damaged tissues. Treated tissues are stimulated to produce more blood vessels, and enhanced blood flow helps tissues heal. This is particularly important in tendons and ligaments most of which have a poor blood supply.

How long will it take?

The procedure is typically performed in the office or in an outpatient facility without anesthesia. It is well tolerated, relatively painless, extremely safe, and is usually performed in 1-3 sessions. Contact me directly or follow this website to learn more about this increasingly popular procedure.

Shock wave therapy is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for select indications and is often used by physicians “off label” to treat related conditions of tendon, muscle, and bone. Numerous unbiased scientific studies have proven it’s safety and effectiveness

Is it safe?




Board certified orthopedic surgeon

Performed thousands of ESWT procedures

Serves on the advisory board of the ISMST

Dr. John Furia

Receives the Achilles Award for outstanding research


Number of Society



Named to Central Pennsylvania Magazine's “Hot List” for top Sportsmedicine Surgeon


My Bio

John Furia, M.D. is a board certified orthopedic surgeon with a subspecialty in sports medicine. He is also an international leader in the field of shock wave therapy. 


Dr. Furia practices orthopedic surgery and sports medicine at Evangelical Community Hospital in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.  He is currently the Deputy Editor of the Journal of Orthopedic Surgery and Research, president of the Union County Medical Society, and has held numerous leadership positions throughout his career.


He is the recipient of the Achilles Award for outstanding research for his study on the use of shock wave therapy as a treatment for greater trochanteric pain  (“Hip Bursitis”) syndrome.

My Story

Over a decade ago while attending a national orthopedic meeting, and while recovering from his own runner’s injury, Furia stumbled upon a new technique for healing injured tendons. Turns out that shock waves were being used in Germany to treat damaged tendons and his German colleagues were reporting some super early results.


Intrigued, he did some investigating and learned that shock wave therapy, although still in it’s infancy, appeared promising.  He traveled to Germany, learned from some of the leaders, and soon became one of the early adopters of shock wave therapy in the United States. 


Since then, Dr. Furia has performed several thousand shock wave procedures and has refined the technique. He has authored numerous scientific studies and book chapters related to shock wave therapy and published his results in leading orthopedic journals such as The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, The American Journal of Sports Medicine, The Journal of Orthopedic Trauma, and the International Journal of Surgery

My Stats

  • Born: Providence, Rhode Island

  • Undergraduate: Brown University

  • Medical School: Vanderbilt University

  • Internship: Columbia University’s St Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital New York

  • Residency: University of Rochester Medical Center


  • Sports Fellowship: Baylor College of Medicine


  • Hobbies: running, cycling, traveling, wine collector




We Heal Tissues


Not afraid to make it practical and to tell it like he sees it, John Furia is an entertaining, thought-provoking ESWT opinion leader rooted in the notion of speed of execution and getting projects done. John will leave your participants informed, motivated, and ready to role up their sleeves and implement ESWT services in their practices.

Keynote Speaker


“It works, but how can shock wave therapy be deployed in my practice?”

I can help providers create a profitable ESWT program.

With over a decade of experience, I can share with you a very successful model that can be adapted to fit the specific needs of your practice. I will guide you through design, set-up, training, daily operations, oversight, outcome assessment, and marketing…in short, a turn-key solution! Contact me with questions.




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