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The Five Things You Need to Know about Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT):

Welcome to the first ESWT blog by the ShockDoc AKA me!

The purpose of this website, blog, eBook, video, and much of my clinical orthopedic sports medicine practice is to educate you, the injured, and others like you, i.e. other health care providers about how shock wave therapy can be used in modern orthopedic practice. So in this first blog, let’s hit some of the highlights.

1.) It works! No question about this one, shock wave therapy can be an extremely effective treatment for many overuses tendon, fascia, and other soft tissue injuries. Shock wave therapy can also be an effective method to stimulate bone remodeling and healing. More to say about each of these later.

2.) It is supported by the medical community. Shock wave therapy is not voodoo or some form of unproven alternative method. Hundreds of well done clinical trials support its’ use for numerous indications.

3.) It’s safe! Few procedures in orthopedics are virtually risk-free. This is one of them.

4.) It's not surgery. Shock wave therapy is completely noninvasive and often is performed in the clinic, office, or procedure-room setting.

5.) It’s cost effective. Shock wave therapy is performed world wide at a very reasonable cost. In the USA typical treatments are between $200.00 and $500.00 dollars…not cheap, but certainly worth it if it alleviates a chronic condition.

That’s it for the Shock Doc’s first blog. Stay tuned, more blogs to follow. Feedback and comments appreciated!

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