Shock Wave Therapy-Does it Really Work?

Yes! Shock waves are a type of pressure waves and as such, are just another form of energy. They are produced by wave generators, and when applied to tissues, they stimulate those tissues to change over time.

But how? Scientists discovered that, shock waves “ kick start” the healing response. Here’s how.

Shock waves temporarily destabilize pain fibers. This is why patients typically have less pain soon after treatment. The nerves are “ stunned,” pain impulses are decreased, and patients experience less discomfort.

Shock waves stimulate the body to produce blood vessels. As any surgeon will tell you, blood flow is critical to good tissue healing. Indeed, one of the reasons diabetics heal so slowly is because their blood supply is often compromised. Even better, the new blood vessels grow in tissues that typically have a poor blood supply. The net effect is improved tissue remodeling.

Shock waves also cause the body to produce growth factors. Growth factors, anabolic proteins, and some forms of enzymes are essential for adequate tissue healing. More growth factors results in better healing.

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